Friday, 9 November 2012

The end of the promotional mouse mat?

Is it time to wave bye to the promotional mouse mat?

We think not.. the humble mouse mat is starting to feel a little left out with the optical and wireless mouse. No need to get that mouse ball dirty on some old blue lined mouse mat!

However the mouse mat can become part of a package.. and it's surprising how many people still use them despite their mice being wireless..

Once again the mousemat fits into the 'reminder' category.. a constant reminder of your brand / logo / company image on someone elses desk..

Just get them on the right persons desk!

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Promotional USB - bringing promotions into the 21st Century

Promotional USB - bringing promotions into the 21st Century

Bring your promotional merchandise into the 21st Century with these wonderful promotional USB sticks, from 512mb to 32Gb we can cover any data requirements.

But what's the point in using new technology as a reminder of our brand?

Promotional give-aways has always been about giving your client or prospect something more than a business card, something useful. traditionally promotional mugs and pens have successfully been branded and used well in marketing ploys. The promotional USB stick takes the usefulness of a promotional give-away to the next stage. Pens and Mugs generally stay on the desk... The USB stick becomes a part of their daily life, most people end up with USB sticks on their key rings, car keys, even permanently in their pc.. a constant reminder of your brand.

But what would I put on a USB Stick?

Essentially whatever promotes your company best instantly.. It will get full attention once and if it's good passed on or re-watched at a later date. So make it punchy, snappy and to the point. Maybe a portfolio, a video, something to capture your company in an instance.