Thursday, 26 August 2010

Promotional Umbrellas

With the end of another British summer looking like it has well and truly set in this week. Now seems an apt time to discuss the benefits of the promotional umbrella. The promotional umbrella is often a promotional item that gets overlooked due to its higher unit cost than other items. The promotional umbrella though offers a massive visible area to get your message and brand across. The umbrella is also one of the most useful items available as everyone has a requirement for an umbrella at some stage. Whether it be a compact umbrella for the regular commuter, or for the ladies so they can slip it in their handbag, or whether it be a storm proof golf umbrella for your corporate golf day.

The number of practical uses are endless. A useful application that some hotels have now adopted is to put a corporate branded umbrella in their rooms for their guests to use during their stay and then if they would like to take it away at the end of the stay the can charge the umbrella to the room. Not only is the umbrella used in wet conditions but you can also find the umbrella used on beaches and on the golf course to protect from the sun.

Also for those into motor racing remember the pit straight at the start of the race? The umbrellas are always on display come rain or shine. The umbrella used at the right event is one of the best ways to get your logo seen. Plus with our British summers getting wetter and wetter (currently the water level outside is rising as I type) now would be an ideal time to get some promotional umbrellas. One Stop promotions offer a huge range of umbrellas to suit every budget and will be happy to guide you down the right path and make sure you get the right umbrella for you.

Deluxe Roller Banner

A hugely popular roller banner system, the deluxe roller banner is an attractive and reliable option for your retractable banner display needs.

This model is built to last. Simple in design, a PVC banner pulls out of the stylish silver cassette and then rolls back in, ready to use again at your next event. The deluxe banner display requires no swivel out feet; its base is sturdy enough to stand on its own while maintaining a modern and sleek design.

Banner Material
The 570 gsm banner material we print on is extremely high quality, so your logo or design will shine on the 850mm x 2000mm print area. There is no need for lamination or scratch proof coating, it is outdoor banner grade material and can withstand outdoor weather conditions.

Artwork Specification and Delivery
In order to get the best results for your banner, we require high resolution artwork to print from. We can offer a design service if you are not able to provide this to take the problem out of your hands. The standard lead time for the deluxe roller banner stand is 10 working days, but we can offer an express service to make sure your deadlines are met.

Why not make this product twice as effective? We also stock a double sided roller banner for maximum impact at any location.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Ultimo A-board

The Ultimo A-board from One Stop Promotions is a top end pavement sign that will get your message noticed. The sleek metal design makes it stand out from the usual format of an a-board. This fantastic A-board display also comes with a header board that can be affixed to the top of the frame allowing further information to be seen. The normal high quality snap frame and protective covers keep your printed posters in place and free from the elements. If you are looking to replace your current pavement sign or are looking for something different to put outside your business the One Stop Promotions Ultimo A-board is the ideal solution. Available at a fantastic WEB LOW price of just £59 +vat. Posters are available digitally printed onto weatherproof PVC for that extra protection so that your message never gets affected by the elements. To summarise, the Ultimo A-board is a stunning, sleek designed A-board which will add a touch of class and attract attention to any advertising display.