Monday, 16 April 2012

Product showcase - Frosty Twist promotional pen

This week’s product showcase will be on the Frosty Twist pen. As you are probably well aware, printed pens are one the most frequently used and more effective promotional products. With thousands and thousands of pen variations to choose from, we have selected a few of the more popular ranges and will be doing a weekly “showcase” which will hopefully give you an in depth knowledge of that particular pen.
The Frosty Twist pen is sleek, modern looking pen. Available in 7 stylish and vibrant frosted colours (blue, purple, yellow, orange, red, green and clear) it really is a promotional pen that can suit all marketing and advertising occasions. Supplied with black ink, the Frosty Twist pen provides a very smooth writing experience which is on a par with even some of the most expensive promotional pen options available. Well suited to being a promotional giveaway, due to the colour array and low price, the Frosty Twist has a relatively large print area (for a pen) of 50 mm x 20 mm, which can be custom imprinted with your logo or message.

Frosty Twist promotional pen

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Keep your brand consistant at all levels

You’ve got the website, the catalogue and the printed stationery why not continue the branding on your corporate work wear. Not only does promotional work wear convey a professional image to your clients it can also help with staff morale and make them feel part of the team.
When we say “Promotional work wear” we don’t just mean shirts, blouses and ties, etc... An embroidered shirt is not suitable for certain industries such as warehousing, where a piece of clothing such as a promotional t-shirt is ideal as it allows the flexibility which is associated with the job role.
Great for the work place, promotional clothing also has the additional bonus of being a visual form of advertising outside the office. Visiting clients or even out and about after work, the majority of people see someone in a piece of embroidered clothing and are generally quite keen to see where it is from. We, of course don’t advise you to emblazon a full colour advert onto the backs of your corporate clothing but a company name, website and or phone number will more than suffice. 

Embroidered workwear
Keep your branding consistent with embroidered workwear
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