Monday, 6 September 2010

Emergency waterproof poncho's

The promotional poncho is a great way to keep people dry at any event. Not the most fashionable of items, but very effective. The cost effectiveness of this product is fantastic. Whilst its usefulness in wet conditions will leave your brand and corporate message engrained in peoples minds, long after the event.

Coming into autumn now, more rain will be on its way and it's the unpredictability of the british weather that can leave your event in turmoil with the showers that often come. Protect your customers or clients from the problem by getting poncho's on standy. Another great advantage of the poncho is that it can be supplied with a discount, special offer or flyer already inserted inside the packaging. Give your customers some money off vouchers or discount certificates to further enhance their event experience.

Imagine at your event thousands of people walking around with your brand plastered all over their poncho. This gives across two messages. One, that your event is well organised and that everything has been thought of in advance. And two, you get most of the people at the event then becoming walking billboards advertising your brand. The poncho raincoat is a great item to be given out at any festival, concert, sporting event etc. Imagine the coverage that your brand receives if the event makes it onto television. In summary the promotional poncho rain coat is a great cost effective way of getting your brand seen at any outdoor event and will certainly be well received.