Friday, 21 December 2012

Helping to break Christmas records

One Stop Promotions were happy to supply the Santa costumes for this record breaking attempt. Over 200 Santa's in a plane!

UNICEF and EasyJet combined to break this world record.. see the evidence below!

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Promotional Bags, from eco equivalents to good looking sports bags

Promotional Bags make a great give away, do not underestimate their power.. 

What makes them so good?

Imagine yourself at an exhibition, handfuls of flyers, catalogues as well as other people giveaways.. who will they thank the most and more importantly remember.. well the handy firm that gave you a nice bag to put everything in of course! 

The promotional bag can take many forms depending upon your intended use:

Cotton Shoppers

The use of environmentally friendly products these days can greatly enhance your company’s positive image. Global warming and recycling are amongst the most spoken about topics so, as a brand or company it is important to let your clients know you are backing the environment. Cotton bags are a great start to turning your promotions green as they are made from organic, recycled and sustainable resources. Cotton shopping bags are such a good promotional item as they are useful and very cost effective. A cotton shopper received at a trade show or exhibition rarely gets thrown away by the recipient, so think of it as a promotional item that keeps on advertising long after the event. Using a cotton shopper as a giveaway can really associate your corporate image with a green eco friendly message.

Jute Bags

Every so often a product gets released and creates a real buzz within the promotional industry and Jute bags are just that! Manufactured from ethically sourced and sustainable jute fibre it has become one of the most popular eco friendly promotional products on sale today and is truly a “bag for life”. Jute bags have become so popular that Jute has now become the second most sought after natural fibre after cotton. With the worlds landfills overwhelmed by wasteful and harmful plastic and paper bags, jute bags are an ideal replacement as they can be reused over and over again.

Drawstring Bags

Drawstring bags are a great volume promoter. They have so many uses for the recipient so they are always gratefully received. Gym bags, shopping bags or just a general purpose bag are just some of the uses. Imagine your corporate message or company logo printed onto a drawstring bag which in turn is being worn by your customer. It has the potential to get your message or branding to hundreds or even thousands of potential new customers. Draw string bags come in a massive variety of bright attention attracting colours so they are bound to turn heads.

Conference Bags

Carrier bags are a must for every shop owner or exhibitor. They are the perfect promotional vessel for carrying sale items or other promotional products at an exhibition or tradeshow. A carrier bag is not necessarily a one use item. People are becoming more environmentally savvy and are re-using promotional or giveaway carrier bags over and over again. The re-usability of a carrier bag is big selling point as it means your company message and contact details can potential reach hundreds of future clients. One Stop Promotions are experts in print and we have our own in-house print team and machinery. This allows us to offer you some of the best prices, print quality and products in the industry.

Sports Bags

Sports bags offer fantastic value for promotional item with a long shelf life. Great for the gym, shopping or just general purpose they promote a healthy image and come in a huge array of vibrant and eye catching colours.

All bags are brandable and can carry your logo, artwork is easily set up and printing can be done in 7 - 10 working days.

For more great promotional merchandise ideas visit our website.

Friday, 9 November 2012

The end of the promotional mouse mat?

Is it time to wave bye to the promotional mouse mat?

We think not.. the humble mouse mat is starting to feel a little left out with the optical and wireless mouse. No need to get that mouse ball dirty on some old blue lined mouse mat!

However the mouse mat can become part of a package.. and it's surprising how many people still use them despite their mice being wireless..

Once again the mousemat fits into the 'reminder' category.. a constant reminder of your brand / logo / company image on someone elses desk..

Just get them on the right persons desk!

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Promotional USB - bringing promotions into the 21st Century

Promotional USB - bringing promotions into the 21st Century

Bring your promotional merchandise into the 21st Century with these wonderful promotional USB sticks, from 512mb to 32Gb we can cover any data requirements.

But what's the point in using new technology as a reminder of our brand?

Promotional give-aways has always been about giving your client or prospect something more than a business card, something useful. traditionally promotional mugs and pens have successfully been branded and used well in marketing ploys. The promotional USB stick takes the usefulness of a promotional give-away to the next stage. Pens and Mugs generally stay on the desk... The USB stick becomes a part of their daily life, most people end up with USB sticks on their key rings, car keys, even permanently in their pc.. a constant reminder of your brand.

But what would I put on a USB Stick?

Essentially whatever promotes your company best instantly.. It will get full attention once and if it's good passed on or re-watched at a later date. So make it punchy, snappy and to the point. Maybe a portfolio, a video, something to capture your company in an instance. 

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Promotional Mugs, surely old hat now?

The poor humble category known as promotional mugs.. new technology comes and goes but you are promotional stalwart. Consistently every year sales of printed mugs sustain the same level. But new technologies have come in and still you guys love the promotional mug. But why is that?

Despite such great movements in technology, such as promotional usb's, the mug stands firm. That glowing beacon of advertising on someone else desk. Which is probably exactly why you guys still love them. What better advertising for the decision maker than your logo, your website being pulled to their face when it's brew time?

Why be that company that did a great job but no one can remember their name.. why be 'Googled' with the rest of the crowd.. give companies this great give away and never be less than 2 foot from your client.

As a give away they are great to give people at exhibitions, the more valued or used a good is from an exhibition the more likely you will be remembered.. what better than to give your potential new business a good cuppa?

Monday, 17 September 2012

Queen's Diamond Jubilee, Olympics and Paralympics are over....Now what?

It’s almost time for the dreaded “C” word.......Christmas!

I know it seems like ages before we get the baubles out and the decorations up but no matter how much we want to put it off, Christmas is definitely on its way! It seems to arrive earlier each year but if you are looking at doing some Christmas promotion, now is the time to start thinking and getting your plans into action. There are so many promotional items which are ideal for a Christmas promotion. Custom imprinted baubles (I spell checked that!), Calendars for next year or Advent calendars for the festive period. How about a corporate Christmas card to send round to your customers or suppliers? One of the more interesting festive promotional products are custom shaped USB flash drives. A long lasting promotional giveaway and also useful, two of the “must haves” when choosing a promotional product. I don’t mean just any USB flash drive you would be able to pick up from a computer shop, custom shaped USB flash drives come in completely bespoke shapes and characters for example Santa Claus! A great long lasting gift but also a unique and quirky addition to your customer's key ring. 

Santa Claus USB Flash Drive
Santa Claus USB Flash Drive; A quirky giveaway for the festive period

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Olympic memories

The Olympics and Paralympics are now over but the impact it's had on all involved will be long lived. It's been a fantastic year not just for sport but for galvanising the people and it has been a great advert for the country. With being a promotional products, flags, flagpoles and bunting supplier we have seen first hand at how many people decided to back the nation by buying a length of bunting, a hand waving flag or even some printed t-shirts to take down to the events with them. Finally the country has something to smile about. Below are some pictures we’d like to share with you all during our travels to the London 2012 Olympic games.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Cotton Shoppers for a lasting Diamond Jubilee Souvenir

2012 is the year for many big events. It all starts with Her Majesty the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. There are many souvenirs that can be bought to remember this fantastic occasion but none more useful and lasting than a printed cotton shopper or jute bag. Cotton shopping bags and jute bags a.k.a “bags for life” are a great alternative to wasteful and environmentally unfriendly paper and plastic bags. Being such a versatile product they can be used multiple times for shopping, storage or just a general carry bag.

Diamond Jubilee Cotton Shopper

Monday, 16 April 2012

Product showcase - Frosty Twist promotional pen

This week’s product showcase will be on the Frosty Twist pen. As you are probably well aware, printed pens are one the most frequently used and more effective promotional products. With thousands and thousands of pen variations to choose from, we have selected a few of the more popular ranges and will be doing a weekly “showcase” which will hopefully give you an in depth knowledge of that particular pen.
The Frosty Twist pen is sleek, modern looking pen. Available in 7 stylish and vibrant frosted colours (blue, purple, yellow, orange, red, green and clear) it really is a promotional pen that can suit all marketing and advertising occasions. Supplied with black ink, the Frosty Twist pen provides a very smooth writing experience which is on a par with even some of the most expensive promotional pen options available. Well suited to being a promotional giveaway, due to the colour array and low price, the Frosty Twist has a relatively large print area (for a pen) of 50 mm x 20 mm, which can be custom imprinted with your logo or message.

Frosty Twist promotional pen

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Keep your brand consistant at all levels

You’ve got the website, the catalogue and the printed stationery why not continue the branding on your corporate work wear. Not only does promotional work wear convey a professional image to your clients it can also help with staff morale and make them feel part of the team.
When we say “Promotional work wear” we don’t just mean shirts, blouses and ties, etc... An embroidered shirt is not suitable for certain industries such as warehousing, where a piece of clothing such as a promotional t-shirt is ideal as it allows the flexibility which is associated with the job role.
Great for the work place, promotional clothing also has the additional bonus of being a visual form of advertising outside the office. Visiting clients or even out and about after work, the majority of people see someone in a piece of embroidered clothing and are generally quite keen to see where it is from. We, of course don’t advise you to emblazon a full colour advert onto the backs of your corporate clothing but a company name, website and or phone number will more than suffice. 

Embroidered workwear
Keep your branding consistent with embroidered workwear
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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Is there still a need for promotional t-shirts?

Promotional t-shirts have always been a popular tool in promotional marketing campaigns but are they still needed? With cheaper and just as effective promotional tools on the market such as key rings, pens and logo bugs, some may find it difficult to see why they should use part of their marketing budget on a printed promotional t-shirt. Even though some may see promotional t-shirts and garments as an expensive option, but once you go through all the positives you’ll begin to realise why they are still and will always be used as a promotional vessel.
First and most important is the fact that a promotional garment such as a printed t-shirt, is a very visual way to advertise and event or promote a product at a busy exhibition or event.
Imagine walking around a busy exhibition hall, which people do you notice the most? The generic shirt, tie & trousers or the people wearing a brightly coloured and loud designed promotional t-shirt.
Printed t-shirts aren’t just used for promotional use. They can also be used as staff work wear or to promote a special cause. This is a great way to show uniformity in an office or united support for a special cause such as a charity.

Britain's Got Talent Jacket

Monday, 26 March 2012

Leave an impression with printed pens

You’ve got a trade show coming up, invested a lot of money in making your display look the part with roller banner, pop up banners and more but what happens when the event is over? You may have had some flyers printed, but are these really going to get you remembered after the event. Let’s be honest, the majority of flyers handed out at an exhibition end up in the bin without a second glance. Why not try a printed pen? Printed pens are a low cost but highly effective promotional marketing tool. Available in a huge range of colours and styles, promotional pens suit every occasion. The reason promotional pens have been such a popular promotional giveaway and have stood the test of time, are because they are truly effective and useful as an everyday use product. Speaking from personal experience, I don’t buy pens anymore. The majority of pens I use have some form of promotional print on them. It’s always a constant reminder of the company’s name and contact details. What more could you ask from a low cost promotional giveaway.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Flags, banners and bunting for Her majesty The Queen's Diamond Jubilee

2012 is going to be a great year for the country. The London 2012 Olympics and the Queen's Diamond Jubilee are the two main events this year. With the Queen doing her national tour to celebrate 6o years on the thrown, flags, banners and bunting are great ways to mark this special occasion and decorate her parade route. With our range of specially printed Queen's Jubilee merchandise they can be kept as a commemorative reminder of the event. The branded promotional merchandise doesn’t stop there! Jubilee pens, pencils, mugs, key rings and much more can all be printed.

Monday, 27 February 2012

Use promotional products for an instant hit

One of the best ways to promote a new business, a promotion or even to cement existing relationships with your current customers is promotional products. Always gratefully received, a small promotional giveaway such as a pen, key ring or logobug can be handed out at an exhibition and make you a real hit amongst your customers.
A promotional giveaway doesn’t have to be a huge token or even blow your marketing budget. Even a printed promotional pen (as low as 14p each!) can be the difference between being remembered or forgotten. How many times have you seen a promotional pen lying on someone’s desk or a promotional key ring attached to a set of keys? The majority of these would have been given out as a low cost giveaway and kept by the recipient, meaning your message has also been kept.
For promoting an event, printed t-shirt can do wonders. it can help create a buzz about a specific promotion or open day.

Monday, 13 February 2012

For the best quality print use screen print

If you are looking for a printed t shirt with a quality print that will stand the test of time then screen printing is probably the best option for you.
Screen printing is a technique where ink is brushed through a mesh screen to make the desired design onto a t-shirt. Most commonly used for larger quantity orders it provides great and long lasting results.

Our screen printed at work with a hi-vis vest

Monday, 23 January 2012

Printed or embroidered clothing as staff uniforms

Most companies have a guideline on what their staff can and can’t wear, some more strict than others. Depending on the type of company and industry, uniformed staff can really give the office a more professional look. The benefit of promotional clothing is only really seen in a customer facing office where there is face to face customer interaction on a daily basis. When you think promotional clothing you may instantly think, cheap, one use t-shirts but this is not the case. Promotional clothing can range from cheap t-shirts for a one off event to quality embroidered polo shirts and work shirts.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Advertise your seasonal promotions with printed t shirts

Possibly one of the most cost effective ways of mass advertising, printed t-shirts turn your staff into walking, talking, advertising boards. A t-shirt is just a blank canvas for all your creative promotional ideas.
It can be quite easy to overlook printed t-shirts as an effective marketing tool as companies can be lead into the very expensive world of online or print advertising. These methods are great for companies with a big marketing budget, but for something which isn’t going to break the bank and that has been proven to work, try printed t-shirts.
Whether you are at an event or exhibition, advertising a sale in a retail outlet or promoting awareness for a charity or cause, printed t-shirts are perfect.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

What does 2012 bring for promotional products?

2012 is a year with a lot going for it. The Olympics, The Queens Diamond Jubilee and the Football European Championships are just three of the major events happening this year. All of these 2012 events can be a fantastic opportunity to promote your company and show some national pride.
Here are just five promotional products which are bound to be a big hit in 2012!

1) Printed pens – printed pens have been and will always continue to be one of the best selling promotional products. Useful, low cost and available in a huge range of styles and colours they are always greatly received and can be found in most handbags or desk drawers.

2) Printed Lanyards – Lanyards have become synonymous with large events and exhibitions. They are generally used as a carrier for a form of ID or backstage pass. Once the exhibition or event has expired a printed lanyard can be used over and over again by the recipient as a holder for keys and more.

3) Printed Jute Bags – With the 2012 Olympic Games being dubbed “The Green Olympic Games”, what better way to show your companies green credentials than with an environmentally friendly and useful jute bag. Jute bags have become known as the “Bag for life” due to their versatility and longevity.

4) Printed Umbrellas – Get ready for the famous British summer with printed promotional umbrellas. A promotional umbrella gives your company great advertising exposure as well as keeping your customers dry!

5) Promotional Key rings – Promotional key rings are the ideal low cost, high volume promotional giveaway. Available in all sorts of shapes and sizes and manufactured from numerous materials they are a really handy gift.