Friday, 21 December 2012

Helping to break Christmas records

One Stop Promotions were happy to supply the Santa costumes for this record breaking attempt. Over 200 Santa's in a plane!

UNICEF and EasyJet combined to break this world record.. see the evidence below!

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Promotional Bags, from eco equivalents to good looking sports bags

Promotional Bags make a great give away, do not underestimate their power.. 

What makes them so good?

Imagine yourself at an exhibition, handfuls of flyers, catalogues as well as other people giveaways.. who will they thank the most and more importantly remember.. well the handy firm that gave you a nice bag to put everything in of course! 

The promotional bag can take many forms depending upon your intended use:

Cotton Shoppers

The use of environmentally friendly products these days can greatly enhance your company’s positive image. Global warming and recycling are amongst the most spoken about topics so, as a brand or company it is important to let your clients know you are backing the environment. Cotton bags are a great start to turning your promotions green as they are made from organic, recycled and sustainable resources. Cotton shopping bags are such a good promotional item as they are useful and very cost effective. A cotton shopper received at a trade show or exhibition rarely gets thrown away by the recipient, so think of it as a promotional item that keeps on advertising long after the event. Using a cotton shopper as a giveaway can really associate your corporate image with a green eco friendly message.

Jute Bags

Every so often a product gets released and creates a real buzz within the promotional industry and Jute bags are just that! Manufactured from ethically sourced and sustainable jute fibre it has become one of the most popular eco friendly promotional products on sale today and is truly a “bag for life”. Jute bags have become so popular that Jute has now become the second most sought after natural fibre after cotton. With the worlds landfills overwhelmed by wasteful and harmful plastic and paper bags, jute bags are an ideal replacement as they can be reused over and over again.

Drawstring Bags

Drawstring bags are a great volume promoter. They have so many uses for the recipient so they are always gratefully received. Gym bags, shopping bags or just a general purpose bag are just some of the uses. Imagine your corporate message or company logo printed onto a drawstring bag which in turn is being worn by your customer. It has the potential to get your message or branding to hundreds or even thousands of potential new customers. Draw string bags come in a massive variety of bright attention attracting colours so they are bound to turn heads.

Conference Bags

Carrier bags are a must for every shop owner or exhibitor. They are the perfect promotional vessel for carrying sale items or other promotional products at an exhibition or tradeshow. A carrier bag is not necessarily a one use item. People are becoming more environmentally savvy and are re-using promotional or giveaway carrier bags over and over again. The re-usability of a carrier bag is big selling point as it means your company message and contact details can potential reach hundreds of future clients. One Stop Promotions are experts in print and we have our own in-house print team and machinery. This allows us to offer you some of the best prices, print quality and products in the industry.

Sports Bags

Sports bags offer fantastic value for promotional item with a long shelf life. Great for the gym, shopping or just general purpose they promote a healthy image and come in a huge array of vibrant and eye catching colours.

All bags are brandable and can carry your logo, artwork is easily set up and printing can be done in 7 - 10 working days.

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