Monday, 17 June 2013

Did you know, we now print Bunting?

Here at One Stop Promotions we are known to print on absolutely anything. If you want it branded then we have probably printed on it or we'll at least give it a good try! To further expand our range in the indoor and outdoor display medium market we now have the capability to print Bunting.

Bunting has become quite a popular display tool for advertising or just for decoration. Moving all our bunting manufacturing in-house means we can offer to lowest prices on printed bunting in the UK as well as being able to maintain our high levels of product finishing.

    These are the 4 main types of printed bunting that we can produce:

  • Synthetic Bunting
    Manufactured from 120 micron Synthetic sheet, Synthetic Bunting is waterproof and tear-proof making it a perfect, cost effective indoor and outdoor bunting. Available printed 4 colour process to both sides.
  • Paper Bunting
    Ideal for indoor display or temporary outdoor display, our paper bunting is printed on 170 gsm coated silk paper. Available printed up to full colour to both sides.
  • PVC Bunting
    Printed on heavyweight 300gsm PVC, it is ideally suited for outdoor display as it can withstand the harshest weather conditions. Available printed both sides and up to full colour.
  • Polyester Bunting
    Perfect for those who want the look and feel of a flag represented in their bunting. Printed on 115 gsm it is great for outdoor display. Printed single sided with a mirror image to the reverse.

Printed Bunting from One Stop Promotions
Printed Bunting from One Stop Promotions

Thursday, 10 January 2013

A launch into the personalised gift market

We are going for broke.. well not exactly, but a small diversification for One Stop Promotions. We have launched our new website dedicated to personalised gifts.

You may say it's not a huge step for an already printing promotional company, but to be honest it is a bigger step. We've taken our experience from dealing in Flags and Flagpoles direct to the public and our printing knowledge from the promotional industry and combined them into one!

This has opened a vast array of new product lines for use, click on the links below to view just a few:

Leicester Tigers Gifts
Personalised Football Mugs
Personalised Jigsaws

So regular visitors come on down and have a look