Monday, 12 December 2011

Let your creative juices flow with promotional t-shirts

With a lot of promotional products such as pens, key rings and stress balls you can be quite constrained by the artwork proportions and the product size, which only allow a limited number of wording or images. This is fine for when you are looking for a promotional giveaway, but if you are looking for something that really makes an impact, promotional t-shirts could be just the product!

Imagine a blank white t-shirt it’s almost like a blank canvas. Let your designers run wild and be as creative as they can. A promotional t-shirt is a great way to attract attention at an exhibition, trade show or even on a busy street to advertise a shop opening or sale. Bright colours and bold designs work best on a plain white t shirt so keep this in mind when planning your design.

Monday, 5 December 2011

Promotional products still have the power to sell

Some people may be sceptical about using promotional products for their business. With the introduction of online marketing it may be seen as “old school”, far from it! Promotional products have been proven to work for all types of companies in all sorts of industries. Amongst the stalwarts of the promotional gift range such as promotional pens, printed t-shirts and promotional key rings, products such as USB memory sticks and promotional iPad cases have arisen to become some of the more popular promotional giveaways. The fact of the matter is that everyone likes to receive a free gift whether it be a pen, key ring or mug. These may all be small tokens but they can be so valuable in setting you apart from the other companies you are competing against. Let’s think about this for a moment, If you saw two companies at an exhibition and one of these companies handed you a free promotional pen, which one are you likely to remember a month later? In today’s volatile economic climate a small promotional gift can be the edge you need to get that extra business.

In a recent survey it was found that promotional merchandise delivers a higher return on investment (ROI) than radio and outdoor advertising and an ROI that is equal to TV and print advertising. The main advantage a promotional gift has over other forms of advertising is that it is something that the recipient can take away, use, keep and therefore is a constant reminder of your company/brand.

Use printed t-shirts to support a charity or a cause

Last weekend I took part in the Loughborough Santa Fun Run. An event organised by the rotary club of Loughborough, where we all dress up as Santa and run (or walk) through the town centre to raise money for various charities. At the start of the race and during the race I noticed that a lot of participants were wearing printed t-shirts to support a charity or a cause. This made me think what a great idea that was! There were over 1000 runners and even more watching the event. For those who were wearing printed t shirts for their specific charity or cause, this was a great way to gain exposure and promote awareness to literally thousands of people.

One Stop Promotions donate flag to Shepshed Town Council

After being approached by Shepshed Town Council to print a Shepshed Town flag, we decided that being a local company we would donate the custom printed flag to do our bit for the community.

Adam Sim (centre) of One Stop Promotions handing over the Shepshed Town Council flag

Thursday, 1 December 2011

One Stop Promotions and Samaritan's Purse join forces

One Stop Promotions have provided the Charity Samaritans Purse with the Warehousing and distribution facilities, helping the charity collect, store, package and palletise 1000’s of Christmas boxes destined for under privileged children around the world

Once One Stop heard that the charity were struggling to find premises to complete their shoe box giving campaign, space created made at their Loughborough HQ to house the presents and set up packing stations for their volunteers. After working together for a month the lorries arrived to ship a little happiness to those who are most in need.

Director Tim Turner (far right) said “As a local business, when we heard about their situation, we were proud to offer our support to this great Charity.”

For more information on the Samaritan's purse please visit their website:

Get prepared for the sales with printed t shirts

Get ready for the sales with printed t shirts

It’s the festive season and we’re all (well some of us!) looking forward to Christmas, but don’t let this distract you from organising your promotions for 2012. If you’re planning to start the year with a sale in a retail outlet then why not get some t-shirts printed to advertise this. A white t shirt printed with some vivid and colourful writing can go a long way to reinforce your statement.

Not just used for sales, printed t shirts can be used for any big promotions you may have during the year. Sports events, sales, trade shows, exhibitions in 2012 can all be promoted using a printed t-shirt. If you’re worried about the cost then don’t be! Promotional t shirts are generally quite cheap these days so they would fit into almost any marketing and advertising campaign.