Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Promotional Mugs, surely old hat now?

The poor humble category known as promotional mugs.. new technology comes and goes but you are promotional stalwart. Consistently every year sales of printed mugs sustain the same level. But new technologies have come in and still you guys love the promotional mug. But why is that?

Despite such great movements in technology, such as promotional usb's, the mug stands firm. That glowing beacon of advertising on someone else desk. Which is probably exactly why you guys still love them. What better advertising for the decision maker than your logo, your website being pulled to their face when it's brew time?

Why be that company that did a great job but no one can remember their name.. why be 'Googled' with the rest of the crowd.. give companies this great give away and never be less than 2 foot from your client.

As a give away they are great to give people at exhibitions, the more valued or used a good is from an exhibition the more likely you will be remembered.. what better than to give your potential new business a good cuppa?