Wednesday, 4 January 2012

What does 2012 bring for promotional products?

2012 is a year with a lot going for it. The Olympics, The Queens Diamond Jubilee and the Football European Championships are just three of the major events happening this year. All of these 2012 events can be a fantastic opportunity to promote your company and show some national pride.
Here are just five promotional products which are bound to be a big hit in 2012!

1) Printed pens – printed pens have been and will always continue to be one of the best selling promotional products. Useful, low cost and available in a huge range of styles and colours they are always greatly received and can be found in most handbags or desk drawers.

2) Printed Lanyards – Lanyards have become synonymous with large events and exhibitions. They are generally used as a carrier for a form of ID or backstage pass. Once the exhibition or event has expired a printed lanyard can be used over and over again by the recipient as a holder for keys and more.

3) Printed Jute Bags – With the 2012 Olympic Games being dubbed “The Green Olympic Games”, what better way to show your companies green credentials than with an environmentally friendly and useful jute bag. Jute bags have become known as the “Bag for life” due to their versatility and longevity.

4) Printed Umbrellas – Get ready for the famous British summer with printed promotional umbrellas. A promotional umbrella gives your company great advertising exposure as well as keeping your customers dry!

5) Promotional Key rings – Promotional key rings are the ideal low cost, high volume promotional giveaway. Available in all sorts of shapes and sizes and manufactured from numerous materials they are a really handy gift.

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