Monday, 27 February 2012

Use promotional products for an instant hit

One of the best ways to promote a new business, a promotion or even to cement existing relationships with your current customers is promotional products. Always gratefully received, a small promotional giveaway such as a pen, key ring or logobug can be handed out at an exhibition and make you a real hit amongst your customers.
A promotional giveaway doesn’t have to be a huge token or even blow your marketing budget. Even a printed promotional pen (as low as 14p each!) can be the difference between being remembered or forgotten. How many times have you seen a promotional pen lying on someone’s desk or a promotional key ring attached to a set of keys? The majority of these would have been given out as a low cost giveaway and kept by the recipient, meaning your message has also been kept.
For promoting an event, printed t-shirt can do wonders. it can help create a buzz about a specific promotion or open day.

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