Monday, 17 September 2012

Queen's Diamond Jubilee, Olympics and Paralympics are over....Now what?

It’s almost time for the dreaded “C” word.......Christmas!

I know it seems like ages before we get the baubles out and the decorations up but no matter how much we want to put it off, Christmas is definitely on its way! It seems to arrive earlier each year but if you are looking at doing some Christmas promotion, now is the time to start thinking and getting your plans into action. There are so many promotional items which are ideal for a Christmas promotion. Custom imprinted baubles (I spell checked that!), Calendars for next year or Advent calendars for the festive period. How about a corporate Christmas card to send round to your customers or suppliers? One of the more interesting festive promotional products are custom shaped USB flash drives. A long lasting promotional giveaway and also useful, two of the “must haves” when choosing a promotional product. I don’t mean just any USB flash drive you would be able to pick up from a computer shop, custom shaped USB flash drives come in completely bespoke shapes and characters for example Santa Claus! A great long lasting gift but also a unique and quirky addition to your customer's key ring. 

Santa Claus USB Flash Drive
Santa Claus USB Flash Drive; A quirky giveaway for the festive period

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