Monday, 19 October 2009

Product review - Low cost Roller banner

With the tag as "The lowest priced roller banner on the web" you may be thinking that the low cost roller banner is just a one event roller banner. Well think again, this roller banner is made from sturdier stuff and unlike the majority of the banner stands on the market, we print on a high quality banner grade PVC, which is normally used for outdoor banners.

A full colour, digitally printed banner pulls out of a silver cassette. The silver cassette is a lightweight yet strong base which weighs only 4kg (with a banner!). Featuring two swivel out feet for extra stability and a collapsible bar to hold up the banner. The "pull up" system creates the ideal, portable advertising display. Two metres of advertising compacted into a small base unit which is easily transportable in its supplied black carry case.

Printing on such high quality banner grade PVC allows us to produce truly deep and stunning full colour graphics which are sure to make you stand out from the crowd.
Available with a number of accessories such as the roller banner spotlight (to illuminate your display) and the faux leather stool.

This lightweight, compact, portable and stunning graphical display make the low cost roller banner a financially friendly and cost effective form of advertising at exhibitions, events, trade shows or shop fronts.

The low cost roller banner has become one the best selling advertising displays in the UK, and constantly exceeds the expectations of our customers with its looks and durability.

Product specifications

Visible banner size: 800 x 2000mm
Banner material: PVC
Cassette: Silver with two swivel out feet for stability
Set contents: 1 x silver banner cassette, 1 x collapsible bar, 1 x header bar, 1 x full colour digitally printed PVC graphic, 1 x black carry case.

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