Friday, 23 October 2009

Printed pens as promotional giveaways

What promotional product can I give away, but won't put a dent in my bank account? Printed promotional pens. Lightweight, economically friendly, useful and literally hundreds of styles to choose from.
If you ask 100 people what item they use everyday, you would find the majority of them would say a pen. Conduct a quick check around the office and see how many of your colleagues are using a promotional pen or at least have one hiding away in their desk drawer. A common feature in everyday life, just think of the advertising opportunities. Your message is not only seen by the original recipient, as it lay's on your desk, people are bound to notice it as they walk past. Something that may only cost you a couple of pennies can spread your brand name to hundreds of potential clients.
Rock bottom prices don't mean that these pens will only work once. I have a desk full of promotional pens which I use everyday. In fact I can't remember the last time I used a pen which I haven't had as a promotional giveaway.
Promotional pens aren't limited to cheap plastic pens. There are plenty of metal pens which are available engraved with your company details. These metal pens are ideal as a corporate giveaway as they ooze quality.
Top pen manufacturers such as Waterman, Bic, Parker, Cross, Pilot and Sheaffer can all supply blank pens ready for imprinting, so if you are brand conscious or are just comforted by a well known name then these are the pens for you.
Do you want something a bit more unique than the standard twist action or push button pen? The promotional pen market is always progressing and there is always a new pen which pushes the boudaries. Pull out banner pens, light pens and giant pens are just a couple of the recent developments in the pen industry.

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