Friday, 13 November 2009

Increase sales with promotional products

In times as financially challenging as these it has become more apparent that promotional products are a valuable asset to the marketing campaign of any company. The importance of keeping your brand and corporate message out there with new and exciting promotional gifts is vital.
Think of it this way, you are at an exhibition and you meet two representatives from two different companies offering the same product or service and one of them give's you a promotional gift such as a key ring, printed pen or jute bag. Which of the two company's will you remember a week later after the exhibition has ended?
Promotional gifts don't just offer that initial impact, if a bit of thought is spent on it and the correct product is chosen it can spread your brand message to a wide range of people. Take a printed jute bag for example. Given out at an exhibition as a free gift, it is then used by the recipient as a shopping bag or general purpose bag. Turn your customer into a walking talking advertising billboard. A promotional gift that may only cost you pennies can end up spreading your message to hundreds of potential customers.
With thousands of promotional products out there it allows you be really creative when producing marketing material for your next promotion. If you can print on it most promotional products suppliers will be able to supply or source it for you.
A free promotional gift goes a long way, as it always generates great interest in your stand at an exhibition or event.

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