Monday, 2 November 2009

Trade show display stands

To promote your business or increase your brand awareness you might think about having a display at an exhibition, event or trade show. It is more important than ever to try new ways of gaining new business and just getting your company name and services known. Once you have done the easy bit of booking floor space at the next industry event it is now time to think about your display.

Choosing the correct display is a very important part of an exhibition. For the majority of people at that event the first impression they will get of your company will be your display stand and as we all know first impressions count. With this in mind it becomes more apparent that what ever display stand you choose, it has to be the right one.

The most popular and cost effective way of setting up a successful exhibition display is the roller banner. A lightweight, portable and versatile product which includes a full colour digitally printed banner. Standing 2 metres tall, you can create a wall of advertising which provides a truly awesome visual solution.

For the more experienced exhibitors out there, the pop up display stand is fast becoming the display stand of choice. An all in one solution for any event or exhibition and it comes loaded with accessories.

If portable displays aren't for you or if you are looking to create a massive impact why not try a printed banner. Available in any size, quantity and digitally printed in full colour, they are a versatile and cost-effective method of large format advertising and can be noticed across even the busiest exhibition halls.

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