Thursday, 1 December 2011

One Stop Promotions and Samaritan's Purse join forces

One Stop Promotions have provided the Charity Samaritans Purse with the Warehousing and distribution facilities, helping the charity collect, store, package and palletise 1000’s of Christmas boxes destined for under privileged children around the world

Once One Stop heard that the charity were struggling to find premises to complete their shoe box giving campaign, space created made at their Loughborough HQ to house the presents and set up packing stations for their volunteers. After working together for a month the lorries arrived to ship a little happiness to those who are most in need.

Director Tim Turner (far right) said “As a local business, when we heard about their situation, we were proud to offer our support to this great Charity.”

For more information on the Samaritan's purse please visit their website:

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