Monday, 26 March 2012

Leave an impression with printed pens

You’ve got a trade show coming up, invested a lot of money in making your display look the part with roller banner, pop up banners and more but what happens when the event is over? You may have had some flyers printed, but are these really going to get you remembered after the event. Let’s be honest, the majority of flyers handed out at an exhibition end up in the bin without a second glance. Why not try a printed pen? Printed pens are a low cost but highly effective promotional marketing tool. Available in a huge range of colours and styles, promotional pens suit every occasion. The reason promotional pens have been such a popular promotional giveaway and have stood the test of time, are because they are truly effective and useful as an everyday use product. Speaking from personal experience, I don’t buy pens anymore. The majority of pens I use have some form of promotional print on them. It’s always a constant reminder of the company’s name and contact details. What more could you ask from a low cost promotional giveaway.

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