Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Is there still a need for promotional t-shirts?

Promotional t-shirts have always been a popular tool in promotional marketing campaigns but are they still needed? With cheaper and just as effective promotional tools on the market such as key rings, pens and logo bugs, some may find it difficult to see why they should use part of their marketing budget on a printed promotional t-shirt. Even though some may see promotional t-shirts and garments as an expensive option, but once you go through all the positives you’ll begin to realise why they are still and will always be used as a promotional vessel.
First and most important is the fact that a promotional garment such as a printed t-shirt, is a very visual way to advertise and event or promote a product at a busy exhibition or event.
Imagine walking around a busy exhibition hall, which people do you notice the most? The generic shirt, tie & trousers or the people wearing a brightly coloured and loud designed promotional t-shirt.
Printed t-shirts aren’t just used for promotional use. They can also be used as staff work wear or to promote a special cause. This is a great way to show uniformity in an office or united support for a special cause such as a charity.

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LĂ­der said...
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Design A Tshirt said...

Promotional t-shirts are an capable tool because they are free marketing for you every time someone wears your shirt. They could continue marketing for you for years just based on that one shirt. Also you are given the skill to invent shirts of all sizes for people of all different age groups.

Design A Tshirt

Ramesh Stitche said...

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